Special Olympics Research Collaboration

The RRTC will provide TA to Special Olympics, Inc. (SOI) in health promotion research and evaluation as a Special Olympics Regional Collaborating Center (SORCC).

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In this capacity, the RRTC will provide SOI with TA to help:
  • Assist SOI in updating its current Health Promotion Community Based Grant Request for Proposals.
  • Develop and conduct grant-writing workshops for SOI local programs interested in developing a health promotion grant proposal.
  • Participate in reviewing health promotion community based grant applications.
  • Provide ongoing expertise to SOI and its local programs conducting community-based health promotion initiatives.
  • Identify education programs, services, and research in the fields of ID and health promotion as resources for future SOI program development.
  • Disseminate key research findings on health promotion activities, health education programs, and health care interventions for people with ID to policy makers, federal agencies, national disability, advocacy, and health organizations to promote progressive policies and services for individuals with ID.
Download SO Program Evaluation Report (PDF) (Docx)