Assistance to Service Providers to Develop
Health Promotion Programs

The RRTC iSHIP is developing two software programs that can provide TA to community service agencies to increase their capacity to support health promotion activities.

The Health Promotion Capacity Checklist for Organizations and Employees will be made available to interested service agencies through the RRTC's website at, staff presentations, notices in relevant newsletters, and word-of-mouth. The online tools in the iSHIP software will provide agencies a way to gather longitudinal feedback and useful benchmarking tools to assist them in developing health/ wellness initiatives in the following areas: organizational commitment, organizational resources, health promotion knowledge, development of supportive health promotion policies, and development of action plans aimed at encouraging staff engagement in health promotion.
The FASSTrack (Fast Assessment of Signs and Symptoms Tracking) Software Program will be offered to community service agencies through ongoing development projects aimed at establishing continuity of health care services for the adults they serve. FASSTrack tracks client health status and health services utilization in community agencies so that nursing staff and administrators can develop targeted health care and health promotion services. The RRTC’s Health Promotion and Primary Health Care staff will provide ongoing TA to agencies to develop strategies and action plans to create a culture that supports health promotion.