Training for Health Professionals and Supports

HealthMatters Community Academic Partnership

Through the HealthMatters Community Academic Partnership (HMCAP), RRTC staff (Dr. Marks and Dr. Sisirak) and HealthMatters CAP Partners (Dina Donohue-Chase and Kristin Krok at Northpointe Resources) will continue working with Healthmatters community affiliates.

HealthMatters Train the Trainer Workshop: Becoming a Certified Instructor

An evidence-based 6-hour training that provides structured information on how to organize and start a tailored physical activity and health education program for people with I/DD in CBOs. The training can enhance staff’s skills, knowledge, and abilities to work with persons who have disabilities to become more physically active, make healthy food choices, and incorporate healthy lifestyle into daily living. We have conducted trainings in 20 states certifying over 2000 Certified Instructors in CBOs that provide services for people with I/DD. Over 7000 known individuals with I/DD have participated in a 12-week HealthMatters Program. The HealthMatters curriculum is also being used internationally in countries including Australia, Ireland, U.K., Canada, Netherlands, Kenya, and Mauritius.

Additional trainings through HMCAP include the following:

Implementing Health Promotion: Is Your Organization Ready?

A training focused on reviewing the organizational processes of implementing a sustainable health promotion programs within CBOs and the value of Direct Support Professionals as health advocates. The training covers supports and barriers in developing and starting tailored physical activity and health education programs for adults with I/DD in CBOs.

HealthMatters: It’s Everyone’s Job

A training that aims to build health and wellness capacity within CBOs to create a culture supporting health promotion. Goals are to give staff the skills and strategies they need to: 1) understand the importance of health and wellness for people with I/DD; 2) incorporate health and wellness initiatives for their clients in their work activities; and 3) identify local and CBO specific activities that promote health for people with I/DD.

The Peer to Peer: HealthMessages Program

An evidence-based workshop for people with I/DD to become Healthy Lifestyle Coaches (HLCs) and deliver health messages to their peers. HLCs are leaders who can give their peers new health information and can show them how to take better care of their bodies. The training includes a 75 minute webinar and HealthMessages Program kit to teach up to 10 peers.

HealthMatters 4kids: Diabetes Prevention Training

HealthMatters 4kids: Diabetes Prevention Training was developed by NorthPointe Resources in collaboration with the RRTC and funded through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to provide diabetes prevention. This workshop introduces health promotion and advocacy to children and adolescents with I/DD through diabetes education and resources for parents, teachers, and health professionals who help to pave the road for a healthy future.

The Signs & Symptoms Program: Continuity of Care for Emerging Health Concerns

This course instructs Direct Support Professionals to observe early signs and symptoms of illness among people with I/DD and accurately communicate these observations to nursing personnel in CBOs. It aims to establish continuity of health care services so that nursing staff and administrators can develop targeted health care and health promotion services.

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Physician Training

AADMD will conduct physicians training via webinar series on transitions from pediatric to adult health care and on patient-physician communication with CMEs provided through the American Academy of Family Physicians. It will also be available to physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals.