Health Promotion Training for CBOs

Community-Based Health Promotion Training

The HealthMatters Community Academic Partnership (HealthMatters CAP) team has trained over 2000 instructors in 20 states and 5 countries have been certified by the HMCAP as Certified Instructors to start a health promotion program for people with I/DD to manage their health by being more physically active and making healthier food choices to reduce the onset of chronic health conditions (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease).

We have developed partnerships with 23 CBOs across the U.S. and Ireland through the HealthMatters Program and conduct trainings, workshops, presentations, and technical assistance through the following 8 HealthMatters Programs:

  1. HealthMessages Program: Becoming a Healthy Lifestyle Coach
  2. HealthMatters Program: Train-the-Trainer Certified Instructor Workshop
  3. HealthMatters: Getting the Memo
  4. HealthMatters: Developing Community Academic Partnerships for Service Learning, Research, and Training to Improve Health Outcomes for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
  5. Signs & Symptoms Program: Early Recognition of Emerging Health Problems
  6. Health Matters for People with Developmental Disabilities: Promoting Health Advocacy
  7. What About Staff: Impact of HealthMatters Program for Employees in Day/Residential CBOs
  8. HealthMatters 4kids: Today Counts for Diabetes Prevention

We continue to develop partnerships with CBOs, UCEDDs, and state DD Councils to build capacity and develop systematic methods for increasing awareness for health promotion statewide using a peer to peer health messages program.

Visit or contact Drs. Jasmina Sisirak or Beth Marks for more information.


Training for the LHIDS project (R2) will present findings on

  1. racial and ethnic health disparities among people with I/DD,
  2. changes in health and health behaviors across time,
  3. relationship between modifiable health behaviors and their impact on health and function, and
  4. recommendations for health promotion programs to Wisconsin Managed Care Organization professionals.

Visit LHIDDS for more information.


Telehealth Weight Management System. Training for the POWERS project (R3) will present findings on associated causes of obesity in adults with I/DD and knowledge on how to manage obesity in adults with I/DD. Also, trainings will review strategies Section D: Design of Training Activities for adopting the e-health weight management system in CBOs to manage obesity among people with I/DD receiving day and residential services.

Contact Dr. Jim Rimmer for more information.