Enabling Dementia-Capable Care and Programs

The RRTC has been involved in several studies over the past ten years that examined the ways that community agencies adapt their services when Alzheimer’ disease or related dementias become evident in their clientele, how disability organizations address dementia onset and progression, how general community support services for people affected by dementia compare to those specialized for people with developmental disabilities affected by dementia, and how families cope and adapt to increasing decline related to aging and dementia at home. The studies have also examined the nature of dementia among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, how it is first observed, what are its key features, and how it progresses. A study examining the associations between diagnosed dementia and long-term health condition patterns is currently underway.
The RRTC has also created a resource webpage on dementia and intellectual disabilities, including fact sheets, resource lists, a working bibliography, and information specialized dementia assessment instruments.

The RRTC has worked with and aided both national and international Alzheimer's associations, provided information and digital videos, as well as resource materials for distribution to individuals, families and organizations by these associations. A number of
publications have come from the RRTC's work in this area and are available on-line.

The RRTC can provide lectures, trainings, and
workshops on a range of topics related to dementia and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For information and arrangements contact Dr. Matthew Janicki at [email protected]