Disability Through the Life Course (2011) Heller, T. & Parker Harris, S.: SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA.
In this book, the life course approach assumes that, beginning prenatally, events occurring early in life affect later periods in one's life. It recognizes that development does not necessarily proceed in neat stages and that impairments interact with social determinants (e.g., culture and socioeconomic status) and environmental aspects (e.g., services and supports) across the life course, resulting in differing outcomes for people. 
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State of the Science Conference on Lifespan Health and Function of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Translating Research Into Practice (2011). Heller, T., Rimmer, J., Hsieh, K., Fujiura, G. & Behrens, C.
The key goals of the research presented in this State of Science Conference on Lifespan Health and Function is to increase knowledge about 1) improving health and function of the individual with I/DD and their families including health disparities and health promotion intervention; 2) enhancing family and consumerā€ directed community based care; 3) reducing environmental barriers and increasing supports for health and participation; and 4) developing and testing assessment tools and intervention. In addition the conference is exploring ways to bridge the disability and aging networks to provide health and long–term care supports to adults with disabilities and their families through the life span.