Supports for Informal and Formal Carers Caring for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Affected by Alzheimer's Disease (R11)

Principal Investigator: Matthew P. Janicki, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator(s): Lawrence T. Force, PhD, Diann Davies Baxley, BScEd, MAR, Jenny C. Overeynder, ACSW, Arthur J. Dalton, PhD, Philip McCallion, ACSW, PhD, Kathryn Pekala Service, MS, RNC/NP, CDDN, & Thomas J. Buckley, EdD


* Identify the nature of challenges faced by aging carers of adults with Down syndrome (DS) with Alzheimer’s disease
* Validate the CAS-ID concerning time spent in caregiving and problems faced with coping with dementia care
* Examine the differential levels of care provided by parents of adults with DS and staff of group homes by combining the sample in this study of families with an existing sample from group homes
* Explore support models that can help families of persons with DS and other carers cope with dementia"


Preparing Community Agencies for Adults Affected by Dementia

Dementia Care of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) - Final Report