Peer to Peer HealthMessages Program: Distance Learning

Peer to Peer HealthMessages Program

- Assess the effectiveness of a peer to peer health messages program using an interactive, distance learning model for adults with I/DD and their mentors in community-based organizations (CBOs) providing day/residential services for people with I/DD.

- Measure the impact of the intervention across two levels: 1) organizational capacity; 2) Direct support staff capacity.

For more information on new HealthMatters work in the community visit HealthMatters™ Community Academic Partnership (HealthMatters CAP). HealthMatters CAP is a collaboration between community-based organizations and an academic institution supporting people with developmental disabilities (DD).

Project Staff
Beth Marks, RN, PhD, Principal Investigator
Jasmina Sisirak, PhD, MPH, Co-Investigator
Jenny Carlton, M.Ed, Project Coordinator

Training Activities

HealthMatters Community Academic Partnership (CAP)

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Research Outcomes

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