Reducing Obesity through POWERS

Woman rowing
POWERSforID: A Telehealth Weight Management System for Adults with Intellectual Disability

This project will repurpose this successful integrated clinical and behavioral information and communication technology (ICT) system for obese adults with ID. The system, referred to as POWERS (Personalized Online Weight and Exercise Response System), is a novel, multifocal-centered tailored intervention utilizing an innovative online tool designed to facilitate improvements in physical activity and nutritional behaviors.

Specific Aims:
1. Customize the personalized online remote weight management coaching system demonstrated effective in previous research18 for adults with ID and referred to as POWERSforID.
2. Conduct a pilot study to assess the feasibility (i.e., acceptability and usability) and preliminary efficacy of POWERSforID.
3. Conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to examine the effect of POWERSforID in improving health status and reducing body weight in obese adults with ID.

A facilitating environment can support health promotion activities.
The Reducing Obesity through POWERS project is under the direction of Drs. James Rimmer, David Ervin, and David Braddock.
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