RRTC Projects (1998-2003)

Health and Health Promotion

Identify, develop, and evaluation programs that promote health, including early recognition and treatment of secondary condition, with special emphasis on the needs of women aging with developmental disabilities.
Exercise Adherence among Adults with Developmental Disabilities (R1.1)
Health Status and Needs of Women with Developmental Disabilities (R1.2)
Hormonal Risk Factors for Dementia in Women with Down Syndrome (R1.3)
Preparing Community Agencies for Adults Affected by Dementia (R1.4)

Family Caregiving

Investigate determinants of the role played by the family of origin in providing care for persons aging with developmental disabilities, with special emphasis on adults in residential settings and the role of sibling in the caregiving process.
Aging with Autism and Developmental Disabilities: Challenges and Rewards of Caregiving by Older Parents and Adult Siblings (R2.1)
Family Involvement by Aging Parents and Adult Siblings with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Living in Residential Settings (R2.2)

Future Planning

Identify, develop, and evaluate techniques that assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to plan for future needs, including future financial needs.
Family Financed Housing Options (R3.1)
Best Practices in Pooled Trust Programs (R3.2)
Supporting Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Their Family in Future Planning(R3.3)

Demographic Trends

Analyze and disseminate information from national data sets and public health surveillance data on adults with developmental disabilities to identify health care utilization, education, and employment patterns.
Data Trends and Policy Program: The Demographic Status of Americans with Developmental Disabilities and Related Disabilities (R4.1)
Examining the Health Status and Needs of Women with Developmental Disabilities (R1.2)


Identify, develop, and evaluate accommodations that help maintain employment.
Continued Employability of Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities (R5.1)

Technology and Assistance

Identify best practices in the use of assistive technology or universal design to compensate for physical and psychological consequences of aging with developmental disabilities.
The Identification and Evaluation of Best Practice Assistive Technology and Universal Design Solutions and Services for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities (R6.1)