Assistance to Individuals in Health Promotion Activities

The RRTC will work with the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD), also housed in DHD,UIC, to provide TA to agencies and families to develop and support health promotion goals of individuals with I/DD. NCPAD is a national online information resource funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to promote physical activity, and healthy, active lifestyles to prevent or reduce secondary health conditions in people with disabilities. Over the past decade NCPAD has become the premier online resource for health promotion and disability by empowering people with disabilities to become healthier and more active. Individuals can access extensive information resources online ( or obtain personalized information via its toll-free number, including information about accessible recreation and fitness facilities in their community.
The joint NCPAD and RRTC technical assistance activity will focus on developing and supporting personalized health promotion programs for individuals with I/DD. NCPAD offers a variety of personalized fitness and nutrition services through the My NCPAD feature of the website. It makes available a set of tools for the end user that helps assess, develop, and track personal progress in physical activity. There are also E-Forums that allow users to share experiences, ask questions and network with each other.