Impact of Managed Care

The Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on the Health and Function of Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Specific Aims:

  1. To examine differential health care utilization outcomes of people with I/DD based on whether they are receiving MMC through ICP or FFS Medicaid, including sub-analyses for people with I/DD who also have diabetes, heart disease, and/or dementia. We do not hypothesize any significant differences between people with I/DD with these conditions and people with I/DD in general, although the high rate of these conditions among people with I/DD make this important to explore.
  2. To assess the impact of ICP on people with I/DD related to their health care satisfaction, health status, activities of daily living, and community participation.
  3. To qualitatively explore participant experiences with and perspectives on their healthcare and long-term services and supports for people with I/DD on ICP as compared to FFS.

People with I/DD urgently need improved access to and higher quality of health care.

Managed Care Study

The Impact of Managed Care project is under the direction of Drs. Tamar Heller, and Randall Owen, and Kiyoshi Yamaki of UIC.