Getting Involved in Research and Training: A Guide for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Heller, T., Nelis, T., Collins, S. & Pederson, E.L. (2012)

This guide explains to people with disabilities how they can participate in research and training projects, describes what research and training is, and what a participant can do. It also provides examples of projects and of ways to address problems others have had when working on research and training. It was developed by the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging with Developmental Disabilities and the National Gateway to Self-Determination.  It is also on the National Gateway to Self-Determination website
The self-advocacy movement is growing rapidly. As a result, professionals and people with intellectual disabilities are working together more and more. Professionals often seek persons with disabilities to help with their research and training projects so that those professionals can learn more about working with persons with disabilities. This is a guide to help persons with disabilities get involved in research and training activities.

What is Research?
Research projects are done to help people understand how something works. For example, a research project might help people understand how different services help persons with disabilities. A researcher is the person who does the project.

What is training?
Training projects are done to teach people new information that they do not know about. For example, a person might train persons with disabilities about how to make choices in their life. A trainer is the person who talks to people and teaches them new information.

How can people with disabilities be involved in research and training?
There are lots of ways a person with a disability can help professionals with research and training projects. We spoke with people with disabilities and gathered information about what it is like for persons with disabilities to be involved in research and training projects. This guide will tell you about what we learned.

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