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Welcome to the RRTCADD Publications page!

The Publication Window opens with all of our products listed by year of publication in descending order. Users can organize and search for RRTCADD publications by clicking on any of the categories listed in the window's sidebar:

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  • Topic (Self-Advocacy/Self Determination, Families, Health Promotion, Policy/Service Delivery, Assistive Technology, and General)
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Many RRTCADD publications can be downloaded free of charge via links included in their entry. When requesting material requiring a fee, the Order Form must be downloaded and mailed in with a check (or purchase order) for the full amount of purchase. The Order Form may be downloaded in eitherin Word or PDF. Some material may only be available on publishers' websites - some free, others requiring payment

This publications list only includes materials developed by the RRTCADD. Other resources are listed on our web site’s
Topics of Interest page.