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The Peer to Peer HealthMessages Program is an evidence-informed program being offered by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Disability and Health Program, the University of Illinois at Chicago Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Developmental Disabilities and Health (RRTCDD), and NorthPointe Resources. The HealthMessages Program Kit costs $270 + $75 for the webinar but is now being offered at no cost to you through a grant from the IDPH Disability and Health Program.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities will receive training to become Healthy Lifestyle Coaches (HLC) and learn ideas on how to teach health messages to their peers. HLCs will work as a team member with a mentor who may be a support persons such as a direct support professional (DSP), case manager, or Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP). Each
HealthMessages Team will introduce a new health message each week for a total of 12 weeks. Peers will be encouraged to Take Charge and Pass On the weekly health message.

The weekly messages include interesting and fun topics and activities around Making Healthy Choices, Changing Lifestyles, and Keeping our New Lifestyles going.
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What do you need to do?
Week 8 Peer Booklet
Interested Teams (Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Mentor) must be willing to do the following:

Participate in one 75-minute Webinar to review your HealthMessages Program Kit and learn ideas for teaching a 12-Week HealthMessages Program to peers. We scheduled several different Webinars on the following dates in 2014:

May 21, Wednesday (3pm-4:30pm)
May 29, Thursday (10am-11:30am)

register for your webinar.

Weekly follow up will also be received by each Team to answer any questions.

Implement the Peer to Peer HealthMessages Program over 12 consecutive weeks immediately following the Webinar. Most weeks will require about 30 minutes to share the health message and participate in related activity. Week 1 may take up to an hour. Each kit provides weekly packets with booklets that include information about weekly health messages and HealthMessages Wristbands for each participant. This program provides tools for people with I/DD and direct support professionals to increase their confidence and knowledge in being a healthy lifestyle coach and mentors.
Complete an online evaluation after the 75 minute Webinar and after the 12-week HealthMessages Program.
How will we support you?
HealthMessages Kit
Participating organization will have access to ongoing support and technical assistance provided by the RRTC on Developmental Disabilities and Health and the Illinois Department of Public Health Disability and Health Program.

We will host a final webinar so everyone can come together and talk about the things they did and what they learned. We will also talk about ways to stay involved and keep the messages going!
Register to Order Your HealthMessages Kit!
Week 11 Peer Booklet

Space is limited. Please complete the
online application for your team as soon as possible as supplies are limited to 60 HealthMessages Kits).

In order to process the materials after your application is accepted, we will send you the HealthMessages Kit, along with an invoice for $270. IDPH will then reimburse you for $270.

Email Carla Cox (or call 217-557-2939) or Beth Marks for more information.
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What are people saying about HealthMessages?
Get Ready Be Active
We completed our first class today! Ten people wanted to join! We did the name and food ice breaker, along with the clapping one. It was great! Needless to say we are very excited!

Everyone participating in the program is determined to reach his/her goals every week, and this is only after our 2nd class! Several participants have, by their own actions, caused family members to work on becoming healthier!

This is making a difference in more people's lives than we could have imagined at the training!
This project is funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health
(Grant #5U59DD000938-02).