Kueifang (Kelly) Hsieh, PhD
Associate Director of Evaluation and Statistics

Kueifang (Kelly) Hsieh, PhD. is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Disability and Human Development, and Associate Director of Evaluation and Statistics for the RRTC on Lifespan Health and Function (http://rrtcadd.org/research/health_function/index.html). Her research interests explore the relationship between health risk behaviors and health outcomes including obesity, falls, cardiovascular disease, and dementia across the

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lifespan among individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities using epidemiological approach. Her interests also include investigating the efficacy of interventions to improve well-being and quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities through group exercise, health education, and web personal center based approach. Dr. Hsieh has provided statistical consulting for the RRTC on Aging with Developmental Disabilities for over 10 years. Dr. Hsieh has a PhD in Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health and Epidemiology. She is PI on a longitudinal study Prospective Cohort Study Examining the Effects of Modifiable Health Behaviors on Health and Function in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (http://rrtcadd.org/research/health_function/cohort_study/index.html) examining the health behaviors of adults with intellectual disability and on the fall prevention project "A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Risk of Falls in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities" (http://rrtcadd.org/research/health_function/reducing_falls/index.html).