Linda Balsamo, PhD, MBA, Consultant, Program Development, NorthPointe Resources

Linda Balsamo, PhD, MBA has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, an MBA specializing in Finance and a PhD in Human & Organizational Systems. She is also a Work Life Certified Professional. She worked for eight years right here at UIC in the Office of Publications Services and then spent eighteen years working for Walgreens in operations, employee services and benefits. She was an early advocate for hiring people with disabilities, modeling best practices for job accommodations in a corporate setting. Along the way, her partnership with Northpointe Resources in Zion has created opportunities for in-house training and job placement for dozens of people with disabilities over the years. Her passion for creating opportunities for all people, regardless of their challenges, sparked the idea of universal design at newly built distribution centers and more recently with the REDI training program at many of Walgreens’ retail locations.