Heller, T. & Marks, B. (2006). Aging and disability. In G. Albrecht (Ed.), Encyclopedia on Disability, Volume 1, (pp. 67-78). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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Public Spending for Developmental Disabilities in the United States: An Historical-Comparative Perspective. Braddock, D., Rizzolo, M.C., Hemp, R., & Parish, S. (2004). In R.J. Stancliffe and K.C. Lakin (Eds.) Cost and Outcomes of Community Services for people with intellectual disabilities. Baltimore: Brookes Publishing Company.

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the cost of community services for individuals with I/DD. It examines the criteria used to allocate funds, differences in outcomes and costs for various service models, and policy considerations in developing individualized services within state systems.

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International Perspectives (2007). Emerson, E., Fujiura, G.T., & Hatton, C., pp. 593-613.

Discussing international policy and research, this chapter is in the Handbook of Developmental Disabilities (edited by S. L. Odom, R.H. Horner, M. Snell, & J. Blacher) which reviews the breadth of current knowledge in the field.

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