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Haveman, M.J., Heller, T., Lee, L.A, Maaskant, M.A, Shooshtari, S., Strydom, A. (2009). Report on the State of Science on Health Risks and Ageing in People with Intellectual Disabilities. IASSID Special Interest Research Group on Ageing and Intellectual Disabilities/Faculty Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Dortmund.

This paper summarises a review of the scientific literature over the past fifteen years on the topic of health risks associated with ageing in people with an Intellectual Disability. It is a review of descriptive observational research ranging from discussion at the social ‘wellness’ end of the spectrum through to analysis of the impact of ageing on the incidence of chronic physical illness.

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RRTCADD Disability Research Brief: Body weight status of adults with intellectual disabilities (2006).
Yamaki, Kiyoshi.

This brief compares the rates of obesity between adults with and without I/DD from 1985 to 2000. It is based on an analysis of the National Health Interview Surveys.

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Health promotion pilot programs evaluation: Improving Athletes' health (2005). Prepared by the RRTC on Aging with Developmental Disabilities & Special Olympics.

This report describes the outcomes of a health promotion program for Special Olympics (SO) athletes at 6 sites. The evaluation focused on health status and health behaviors among SO athletes, program satisfaction among coaches and SO athletes, and process and structural variables associated with implementation of health promotions within the SO organization. For more information, contact Special Olympics at 202-824-0269 or
Fact sheets for healthy aging (2005). Pederson, E. & Nelis, T.

The RRTCADD's Facts for Healthy Aging educates adults with disabilities about health conditions and impairments that typically occur in later life. Each fact sheet provides a concise and understandable explanation of the cause, symptoms and treatments of a specific health condition. These fact sheets were adapted from the "Age Pages" series for the general population developed by the National Institute on Aging. Currently available fact sheets are:

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ITEM NO: 510.024 High Blood Pressure
ITEM NO: 510.025 Exercise
ITEM NO: 510.026 Arthritis

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The Tampa Scientific Conference on Intellectual Disability, Aging, and Health: Final report, (2003).
Davidson, P.W., Heller, T., Janicki, M, P., & Hyer, K.

This report identifies the gaps in knowledge about the health of older persons with intellectual and related developmental disabilities. It contains a research agenda for health and mental health outcomes based on the recommendations of the 75 researchers, health professionals, older adults with disabilities, and families who participated in this international conference.

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Aging with mental retardation: Oral health for older individuals with disabilities, (2001). Farsai, P., & Calabrese, J.

This fact sheet discusses oral health care for older people with disabilities. It explains the conditions leading to oral health problems for people with disabilities and specifies what to look for in dental treatment and in choosing a dentist. The fact sheet also discusses barriers to accessing proper oral health care and provides recommendations for maintaining proper oral hygiene as people with disabilities age.

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Aging and intellectual disabilities: Improving longevity and promoting healthy aging, (2000). Ageing and Intellectual Disabilities Special Interest Research Group (SIRG) of The International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability (IASSID).

This series of reports is the outcome of an international initiative to promote the longevity and healthy aging of adults with intellectual disabilities that was jointly organized by the IASSID and the World Health Organization. Work groups of international researchers in aging and intellectual disabilities synthesized the latest research and developed recommendations that produced five reports: Physical Health issues, Biobehavioral issues, Women's Health, Ageing and Social Policy, and a Summative Report.

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Healthy aging: Adults with intellectual disabilities: Women’s health and related issues, (2000). Walsh, P. N., Heller, T., Schupf, N. & van Schrojenstein Lantman-de-Valk, H. Geneva, Switzerland: International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities and the World Health Organization.
Hearing changes in aging people with mental retardation, (1999)
. Bagley, M., & Mascia, J.

This fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions about age-related hearing loss, especially for people with developmental disabilities. It contains the information families and service providers need to identify possible hearing loss and to support older adults who have this condition.

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Aging with developmental disabilities: Women's health issues, (1999). Brown, A. & Murphy, L.

This fact sheet provides information on age-related health issues for women with developmental disabilities based on the research to date. The fact sheet addresses the most commonly asked questions by women who are aging (e.g. menopause, osteoporosis, and heart disease) and how to stay healthy. The fact sheet includes a list of related resources for women who want more information.

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Aging, mental retardation and physical fitness, (1997). Rimmer, J.

This fact sheet provides an overview of what physical fitness is and how it relates to older people with mental retardation. It includes helpful guidelines for family members, support people, service providers and others interested in starting a program for older individuals with mental retardation.

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Aging with developmental disabilities: Changes in vision, (1996). Flax, M.E.,& Luchterhand, C.

This fact sheet provides answers to the following questions: What are the typical changes in vision as people age? How will vision loss affect the adult with developmental disabilities? What can be done to make the best of the vision someone has? What information is helpful to bring to an eye care specialist? What should you ask at the eye exam? Where can a person get additional information and assistance regarding vision problems?

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