Prospective Cohort Study Examining the Effects of Modifiable Health Behaviors on Health and Function in Adults with ID


  1. To examine changes across time in the prevalence of five health behaviors (physical activity, dietary habits, smoking, alcohol intake, and oral hygiene) and their impact on health and function in adults with ID by gender, age group, level of ID, and residential setting.
  2. To examine the impact of baseline musculoskeletal biomarkers (i.e., bone mineral density, strength, balance) across time on health (i.e., with particular reference to falls) and function (i.e., functional limitations) in adults with ID.
  3. To examine the impact of health behavior changes across time on psychosocial well-being and community participation in adults with ID.

Project Staff

James H. Rimmer, PhD
Kelly Hsieh, PhD
Benjamin Graham, MS

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