Workforce Development within Community Based Agencies (CBA s)

Staff Training: Health Promotion Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Health Education Curriculum CoverpageThe Health Promotion Train-the-Trainer Workshop provides staff in community-based agencies structured information on how to organize and start a tailored physical activity and health education program for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) in community-based residential and day/vocational agencies.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

COST: $200/person includes training materials and a CD-ROM of the Exercise and Nutrition Health Education Curriculum for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

AUDIENCE: Staff working with adults who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS: This Staff Training can enhance staff's skills, knowledge, and abilities to work with persons who have disabilities to become more physically active and make healthy food choices.

STRATEGIES are offered in the training to do the following:
1) motivate and engage adults with I/DD in a physical activity and health education program,
2) teach core concepts relating to physical activity and nutrition to adults with DD, and
3) support adults with I/DD to incorporate physical activity and healthy lifestyles into activities of daily living.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to: 1) start and implement a physical activity and health education program for adults with I/DD and 2) evaluate the effectiveness of your program

Early Recognition of Emerging Health Problems

Early Recognition of Signs and Symptoms CoverpageThis training program using the can incorporate the FASSTrack© Software Program (Fast Assessment of Signs and Symptoms Tracking) to instruct Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to observe early signs and symptoms of illness and disease among their clients who have I/DD and accurately communicate these observations to nursing personnel in CBAs. It aims to establish continuity of health care services so that nursing staff and administrators can develop targeted health care and health promotion services.  The RRTC will provide ongoing technical assistance.


Staff Health Promotion Train-the-Trainer CoverpageTrain-the-Trainer Health Promotion Distance Learning Course will be a moderated, interactive distance learning (IDL) course. The iSHIP IDL course will give agency staff knowledge, skills, and abilities to use interactive, online tools and two calculators aimed at assisting adults with I/DD to develop health/wellness goals and make long-term lifestyle changes. Staff will be instructed on how to use the Consumer-Directed Health and Wellness Calculator to assist adults with I/DD to develop tailored health/wellness goals. Once individual client goals have been developed, staff will use the Program Goal Calculator to develop an individualized plan to support client(s) in achieving goals over a 12-week period using targeted modules in the RRTC’s Exercise and Nutrition Health Education Curriculum. The 12-week course requires only 30-45 minutes of staff time per week, which can be scheduled at their convenience. iSHIP will be available through the UIC’s External Education.