Pilot Testing of a Health Promotion Capacity Checklist for Community-Based Organizations

Beth Marks, RN, PhD, Jasmina Sisirak, MPH, & Dina Donahue-Chase


Research has demonstrated the efficacy health promotion programs in Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) on psychosocial and physical health among adults aging with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).This study aimed to identify the structures and resources that need to be formalized within CBOs to sustain long term benefits for adults with I/DD.

We recruited 32staff employees and 21management staff at a Community-Based Organization to test the reliability of the Employee and Organizational Health Promotion Capacity Checklist.The Checklist was administered two times at 2week intervals.

The Employee and Organizational Health Promotion Capacity Checklist was created to assess perceptions of knowledge, skills, resources, and commitment of employees within organizations to teach and support adults with I/DD to maintain healthy behaviours. Preliminary analyses found the reliability coefficients and test/retest correlations for scales in the Checklist were within acceptable ranges (α=0.67–0.90; test/retest correlation= 0.60–0.83).

This Checklist has the potential to assist management in CBOs to develop and implement health promotion programs to clients with I/DD and their employees.