NTG Caregivers Newsletter on ID and Dementia Practices (Volume 1, Issue 1)

Welcome to the first issue of the NTG Caregiver News (Volume 1 Issue 1) March 2017. This publication has grown out of the NTG’s Family Caregiver Online Support Group for those who are caring for, or have cared for, loved ones with Alzheimer’s and intellectual disabilities.

Once each month, we open the airwaves to share what is happening in our lives and with our loved ones. To keep the group effective for support to the families, we limit participation to those who have loved ones with dementia or are direct caregivers. As we identify topics we would like more information about, we invite specific professionals to lead our conversation. Upcoming issues of this newsletter will include some of the highlights of those conversations. In addition, watch for links to helpful resources.

This issue includes some general information on intellectual and developmental disabilities and dementias, as well as an introduction to the National Task Group (NTG) on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices. We encourage you to visit the NTG website for more information on their activities and to become a member.

We have learned through interactions with families in the online support group that there are lots of questions, many uncertainties, multiple feelings of loss, limited resources in local communities, and great recognition that love is most important for all of us.

Please do circulate NTG Caregiver News (Volume 1 Issue 1) March 2017 among your colleagues and to any family caregiver groups with which you have contact.

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