How Can I Access Accommodations For My Disability?

How Can I Access Accommodations For My Disability?

Please explore our website for resources in regard to education, advocacy, and work. Also, the story of one nursing student’s accommodations in a baccalaureate nursing program may be of interest to you: Open the Door, Get ‘Em a Locker. In addition, you also need to access your agency or university policies concerning disabilities; this may be found on their website.

You do not have to disclose your disability to anyone but if you seek accommodations, you must disclose to the Disability Services Officer at your agency or university. Documentation from a health care professional about the nature of your disability may be required. If you are a student, you will work with the Disability Services Officer and nursing faculty to determine relevant accommodations to meet your learning needs. During this process, the accommodations selected must not impose undue hardship on the nursing program or compromise its integrity.

You may also want to contact these resources, according to your specific needs:

Disclaimer: The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities (NOND) does not offer legal advice but NOND does offer resources to help you understand your rights, protections, and responsibilities within various Disability Rights Laws.

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