Developing Financial Capability Among Youth: How Families Can Help | NCWD/Youth

Developing financial capability is an important part of preparing for the transition to adulthood. Financial capability is “the capacity, based on knowledge, skills, and access, to manage financial resources effectively” (Department of the Treasury, 2010). In other words, it is the ability to make wise decisions about using and managing money. Families have an important role to play in young people’s development of financial capability. Financial knowledge and habits developed in the teen and young adult years can have a lasting impact on their future.This brief for families provides suggestions and resources on how to talk with youth about money and assist them to learn and practice financial management skills through their interactions at home.

Source: Developing Financial Capability Among Youth: How Families Can Help | NCWD/Youth

Transition of Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities to Adult-Systems of Care

2pm – 3pm CST


Presented by: Kruti Acharya, MD

Dr. Acharya will review the most recent data about health care transition for adolescents and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). During the webinar, she will describe standard of care for health care transition and highlight strategies to support the transition to adult-centered health care for this population.

Dr. Acharya is a board certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician and internist at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the director of the Illinois Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Program. Dr. Acharya cares for individuals with developmental disabilities using a lifespan perspective from childhood to adulthood. She is particularly interested in supporting adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities as they transition to adult-systems of care and beyond.