Physical Activity and Fitness

Physical Activity and Fitness (2005). Rimmer, J.H. & Hiss, S. B. 87-128.

This chapter is part of a larger collection titled Health Promotion for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. It is published by the American Association on Mental Retardation (AAMR) in Washington DC.

ISBN: 0-940898-91-8 
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Fact Sheets for Healthy Aging

Fact Sheets for Healthy Aging (2005). Pederson, E. & Nelis, T.

The RRTCADD’s Facts for Healthy Aging educates adults with disabilities about health conditions and impairments that typically occur in later life. Each fact sheet provides a concise and understandable explanation of the cause, symptoms and treatment of a specific health condition. These fact sheets were adapted from the “Age Pages” series for the general population developed by the National Institute on Aging. Currently available fact sheets are:

  • Foot Care
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Exercise
  • Arthritis

Can be downloaded at no charge.


Health Promotion Pilot Programs Evaluation: Improving Athletes’ Health

Health Promotion Pilot Programs Evaluation: Improving Athletes’ Health (2005). Prepared by the RRTC on Aging with Developmental Disabilities & Special Olympics.

This report describes the outcomes of a health promotion program for Special Olympics (SO) athletes at 6 sites. The evaluation focused on health status and health behaviors among SO athletes, program satisfaction among coaches and SO athletes, and process and structural variables associated with implementation of health promotions within the SO organization.

For more information, contact Special Olympics at 202-824-0269 or