Assessing the Impact of Community Dementia Care for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Matthew Janicki, Phil McCallion, DiAnn Baxley, & Larry Force
State University of New York at Albany, 2002

What Is Our Project About?
We are trying to see how state developmental disabilities and aging agencies are planning and providing for the growing number of people with dementia in community programs. We also want to find out the costs of providing services to people with dementia. We plan to develop information to help state agencies better plan and fund dementia-related services.

What Will We Do?
We have identified several instruments that we will have group home staff fill out. These instruments will tell us the amount of time spend on providing help to people with dementia. They will also tell us the cost of this care.

We Are Now:
1. Testing the instruments
2. Looking for group homes to complete the instruments

What Do We Hope To Learn?
How different is dementia related care from other personal care. Also, are homes receiving enough money to pay for the services they provide.

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