Advocate Summary

Sharon Davis, Ph.D.
The Arc of the United States, 2002

What We Did Last Year:
We completed a publication titled “Pooled trusts for people with disabilities: A guide for families.” It was reviewed by experts and advocates. Copies are being printed now. Information on pooled trusts was obtained from various sources including the Internet. Thirty-five pooled trusts were identified, contacted, verified and listed in the pooled trust guide for families. We invited two dentists to write a report on aging and oral health care. It was also reviewed and is being printed. We sponsored a series of workshops on pooled trusts at The Arc’s national convention in New Orleans last October. We are helping families plan for the future and helping chapters of The Arc that are interested in establishing a pooled trust program. The family planning survey data was compiled and analyzed and a report was published in The Arc’s newspaper. 223 families responded to the survey.

Plans For This Year:
  • We will draft a new handbook on family future planning modeled after A Family Handbook on Future Planning published by The Arc.
  • We will produce an aging report on assistive technology and environmental interventions and one other report to be determined.
  • We will plan for workshops on future planning and/or aging at The Arc’s convention in Columbus, Ohio in November.

How Advocates Can Help:
  • Advocates can tell us what topics they would like to have us write about in the handbook on future planning.
  • Advocates can review and give feedback on various parts of the family handbook.
  • Advocates can review and give feedback on the aging reports.
  • Interested advocates could help conduct a workshop at The Arc’s convention.

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