RRTC Projects (2003-2008)

Promoting Healthy Aging

Projects related to promoting health and functioning include examination of age-related changes, epidemiological surveys, research on health care utilization, and development of community-based health promotion interventions.
1. Health Promotion for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Train-the-Trainer Program (R1)
Database for Measuring Health Outcomes in Older Adults with ID (R2)
Improving Health Experiences and Access to Health Services for Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) (R3)
Behavioral Risk Factors and Utilization of Health Care for Persons with I/DD and Their Family Caregivers (R4)

Supporting Families and Other Carers

Research projects focus on enhancing caregiving supports and transition planning among older caregivers and other family members. To enhance caregiving supports and transition planning, the RRTCADD will conduct epidemiological research on family demographic and health characteristics, including families of minority backgrounds and families of persons with dual diagnoses of I/DD and psychiatric impairments, sibling roles and interventions in planning for transitions, and consumer direction in family support.
State-Level Estimation of Severe Disability and Aging Families (R5)
Aging Latino and African American Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities (R6)
Aging with a Dual Diagnosis: Families of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and/or Severe Mental Health Problems (R7)
Outcomes of Consumer-Directed Family Support (R8)
Supporting Siblings & Adults with I/DD in Planning for the Future (R9)

Aging and Disability Friendly Environments

Projects examining aging and disability friendly environments include research to identify features of communities and residences that hinder and assist community integration as people with I/DD age, state policies regarding nursing home use, and dementia care in family homes and other community residences.
Assessing Community Environments and Participation with People with I/DD: A Consumer Directed Approach (R10)
Supports for Informal and Formal Carers Caring for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Affected by Alzheimer's Disease (R11)
Factors Associated with State Utilization of Nursing Facilities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (R12)

Previous RRTCADD Research Projects
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RRTC Research Projects Summary (2003-2008)
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