If I Have a Disability, Can I Become a Practical or a Registered Nurse?

  • If I Have a Disability, can I Become a Practical or a Registered Nurse?

See our website on Advocacy Strategies for School. For information about the 2008 amendments to the ADA that broadens coverage for many individuals, see http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/statutes/adaaa_info.cfm. Contact the ADA Center for information on the ADA. Also, the Open the Door, Get ‘Em a Locker film detailing one nursing student’s admission, successful journey, and graduation from a baccalaureate nursing program might be of interest to you. You absolutely can be a nurse, if you are academically qualified. Most of NOND’s Board members are nurses and many of them have disabilities – we did it, so can you!

Where can I find information about financial resources for a nursing student or a nurse with a disability? Please explore our site for resources in regard to education, advocacy, and employment. For information about how to get a job or get assistance with funding for school, contact your State Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

Disclaimer: The National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities (NOND) does not offer legal advice but NOND does offer resources to help you understand your rights, protections, and responsibilities within various Disability Rights Laws.

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